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issue 01

The online news letter
March 2003

Time to Decide

The referendum came and went and did it bring certainty??
Certainly not!! Why ?

Referendum means direct decision by a general vote on a single question. The government chose the question. The Malta information center was given lm 500,000 from our taxes to give the right information and explain the truth of implications that occur by joining the European union. And this was not the case. They gave us half-truths and misinformation. The EU gave the government lm200, 000 for propaganda. The date of the 8th march had been chosen, for the referendum. The people were being asked to decide on the package of negotiations, which wasn't even publicised. It's so absurd to sign a contract without knowing what it says. An electoral register was issued and 297,720 people where eligible to vote. So naturally the government was asking these people to say yes. But this is only the 1st point of the farce. Legally the referendum binded no one. Not even the government that organised it.

Carnival of chaos

The official campaign took 5 weeks, but everyone was trying to brainwash us for much longer. The YES movement was united under a big umbrella blue with glittering yellow stars. They tried to be emotional, religious….. But they also inserted fear in our minds that if we don t join it will all be gloom and doom.
On the other hand the NO camp was in disarray, the point was that not every organization saw the same threat from the EU. I am really disappointed that most of the NO took a nationalistic approach to attack EU issue. Azzjoni Pozittiva was on the NO side but we have a whole different view why we don t want to join the EU. So to cut it short it's not fair when the labour party says that all those on the NO are in favor of partnership. After the voting came the result which proceeded into the carnival of chaos. After the insensitive campaign the yes vote obtained 143, 094 votes the camp 123,628 vote. So none brought a 50% +1 majority from the 297,720 people eligible to vote. But the parties decided to celebrate victory. Welcome to Europe the kings of carnival.

The struggle

Obviously we must make our message heard; we must explain more that being members in the EU, our liberty will be diminished. The EU is an economical alliance, which take mainly in consideration the interest of the multinational corporations and the capitalist's future. If you want to live in submission, if you want to be a slave if you want others to think for you…….
You know what side to choose. On the other hand if you want freedom, liberty and peace, help us in our protests and resistance. We have to struggle to break the iron walls made of people that surround us. We don t need bomb, we don t need lies. We have to use our minds. Our revolution stars from the brains and will pass it on. These things take time.
See you online

Azzjoni Pozitiva