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issue 02

The online news letter
April 2003


Sunday afternoon April 13th 2003…. The 1st projections of the general elections showed that the nationalist party obtains a 51.7% majority, over MLP and AD 0.7% which means that malta will be an E.U member in the 1st May 2004.The electoral campaign was a continuation on the referendum of last March. It was used as a diversion to hide the chronic problems such as unemployment.

· Will the EU membership create more jobs as the pro European had promised?

· Will the economy have another kick start from this stagnating position?, And what about the national depth? We haven't the slightest clue how this problem is going to be tackled. They told us nothing about it.

· What about the lower class, that are facing social problems homelessness, unemployment, low standard of education…..What is their future?

· The environment and the people's health need immediate attention. The government left this issue to deteriorate. Is it too late to restore the damage?

All these problems where created by the governments through years mostly by the recent party that now has been elected this April. So I think we're not wrong when all we see is a bleak future. But this is democracy!! It's a strategy of how to alienate the people, how to manipulate the current affairs and create a situation where you can turn black to white and manage to fool a large section of the electorate. It's how to use entertainment to divert the attention from the unpopular issues and it's how you have the ability to discredit all those who oppose your strategy. It's how you manage to market the product. It's how to create a mass illusion. And to add salt to the wound you have a weak main opposition party, which is built around slogans and shit.
The media is the machine that gears your strategy. You highjack the airwaves and recruited the so called independent free lancers and for the national interest you establish the grand social circus, parties, music, lights, merchandise; all these will pull the youths to your crowd. The youths shows apathy during the other four years before election but so easy for them to fall in the trays of both political parties. Our destiny is in the hands of some people who don't really know what's happening around them and what are the future implications of their decisions. This is democracy. This is the truth!! It's people choice they say. Is it true? The out come of this farce will be seen in the next coming years.


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