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The destruction of the vally

After the actions that were made to save the Kalkara valley, one of the few green areas remained in the Cottonera. The bulldozers came and began to escavate for the construction. We opposed as we could but it was difficult for us to stop the project. The policemen were always ready to protect the actions taken by the government. I am really sick with our media that manipulated our opinions and rediculate our thoughts because of political interests.

Why we should build more housing`s when there are four empty houses for every one that is occupied. A housing they said, a housing full of villas with swimming pools and all they need is to follow the rules to obtain their villas with panoramic view.

We have another panoramic view to show you, all the organic farming that is going to be lost. The trees are already being coped down and and children are already exposed to $uffer from asthma and other illness cause by air contamination. Were in our country these problems are very high but it seems that no one is considering the statistics.

Another example how MEPA protect the citizens and the regulations.

These are some regulations that are being violated:

The trees and woodlands (protection) regulations (Legal notice 12 of 2001)
The flora and fauna regulations (legal notice 49 of the 1993)
The rubble walls and rural structures (protection) regulations (legal notice160 of the 1997)
The regulations which protect old trees (Government notice 269 of 1993)

Another example that the ministers don t care about our opinion and how much they respect the word democracy.

Kalkara Vally Another example why we should resist

Show them that you are not already dead and join the resistance against this bullocratic system.