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The Referendum

Referendum There are at least 11 movement who are on the NO side which are: -

CNI- A nationalist movement consisting of ex-pn`s and ex- mlp`s who donít want to loose their independence.

FMI- Ex mlp`s who donít agree with what been negotiated and emphasize on neutrality.

NEUTRO - A youth organization which talk about the negative aspect of membership regarding students and youths.

HUNTERS LOBBY - Are against the Eu strict laws about the hunting

GH.I.M.A - A group of industrialists against Eu members cause it effect their business.

FISHERMEN`S UNION - Are against the loss they suffer with the Eu regulations

FARMERS - Are against Eu cut of levies and competition

GWU - Are against membership cause of the negative effect on the workers

MLP/LABOUR YOUTHS (PULSE) -Are against the Eu negative aspects but want partnership!

NO 2 EU - Ex-CNI Sharon Ellul Bonnici against Eu.

AZZJONI POZITTIVA - Anti Eu format and Anti-Authoritarian

Eu is discriminating the countries. Malta has been in the council of Europe for a long time. So why theyíre telling that if we donít join they isolate us. In the Eu there is no solidarity. They give you help, they give you funds, but first you have to pay by joining their club.

Eu paid million Euro to subtract a little bit of ANGOLA`S depth. This is a country always in a civil war between the native tribes and fascist regimes. In favour the Eu took control of a large section of Angolaís coast cause they fishering is really healthy!

The Eu is authoritarian. They spy on the citizen by all means. Now they even want to have access to our personal e-mails. EU MAKES RESTRICTIONS, LAWS, REGULATIONS, TAXES, CONTROL, the agriculture production. The over produced items are wasted and destroyed to keep the price stable. And our brothers in Africa and s. America are dying every hour with FAMINE.

The 3rd word war countries donít need charity. They need Eu to invest and create jobs. Invest in education/schools/hospitals/medicines. But the Eu wants control and power. Now even environment protest will be treated under the terrorist act. How absurd ! And what about the animal rights. In Spain there is the torero show. There are even holiday trips to witness the bloodshed. And the Eu donít give a fuck cause tourists generate money. And fox hunting in the UK? Ah. But the fur goes for cherry Blair (witch). It goes for signora Berlusconi to keep her fuckin cunt warm. COME ON STOP THE BULLSHIT!

What does the Eu do against animal exploitation in circuses around Europe nothing, Oh wait. They arrest alf cause itís a threat to the society. EU REALLY SUCKS MAN! UNEMPLOYEMENT is very high in most Eu countries such as Belgium/italy/Greece/germany/spain/portugall/france/finland/Sweden and United Kingdom. Are you so naïve to believe that you can go and find a job in these countries cause there is the free movement of workers? STOP AND THINK! Unemployment brings frustration, thefts, drugs, abuse, corruption, prostitution, allow standard of living and a low standard of education.

Am I exaggerating?


Poverty: -

Itís one of the main attractions in suburban cities and mind you even a couple of meters away from the Eu parliament.

And poverty breeds load of social problems.

So its time to decide theyíre saying. DECIDE ON WHAT?

There are two ways

PN = no alternative to membership. Just licking assholes to join the club

MLP = partnership .ITS THE SAME. They want to join in, but not now, and without licking assholes.