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Azzjoni Pozittiva is an organisation of people that believe in anarchist theories and are ready to take direct action against our abusive system that we live in. Some people think that Anarchy leads to chaos and disorder and there are no rules, on the contrary those who does not realise, these things are already happing and living with us by government, authorities, institutions and capitalists that share between them all the wealth of the people. More than that they create new orders and impose them on us by taxes and laws that destroy the social justice. So they can continue living on the top of the hierarchy .We are trying to build up a revolution in our mind and attitudes by opposing their decisions on our lives that keep us locked up and controlled. Although we are full of anger, we offer alternatives but they rarely are heard, the media and newspapers do to leave us any space so we have to take other underground methods so we can express our point of views without any editing that may cause to misleading or misunderstandings.